About Us

We are not short of facilities for those wishing to fly all afternoon. The Club has a secured metal hut and three flying patches, with a gravel entrance road which provide year round access, unless the weather is extremely wet. Once a member you will be given the security code for the hut to gain access during the scheduled flying times.
There is a patch for hovering practice and changing helicopter setup, while two further patches are used as main flying patches, for those pilots wishing to use more of the sky. All three patches can be operated at one time, so you should never find yourself waiting long, if at all, between tea breaks to get a chance to fly.
The club hut offers mains power to charge batteries, as well as keeping the kettle going. Tables are provided to keep your heli off the ground when working on it, and there is space inside the hut with benching if you need to do some tricky repairs or check set-up on a computer..